Monday, July 22, 2013

Notes on RWA 2013

Granted, this was only my second RWA adventure, but I was struck by how much more inclusive and comprehensive the conference appeared to be. RWA directors saw fit to recognize the new ways authors have embraced the publishing world. Not only were traditional publishers highlighted, entities such as Amazon, Smashwords, and self publishing routes were likewise, explored. Most major publishing houses included their epub houses. Their authors were embraced as legit partners in the publishing world. Even more exciting, was the Indie book signing.

The Indie or Independent book signing was fabulous. The line to support these authors was as long as many of the traditional houses and in some cases better received. If I were to attend next year, I would definitely consider signing.

Attendants also ran a broad spectrum. On a very positive side, men swelled the ranks of writers. They attended classes as faithfully as the ladies, honed their pitches, and enjoyed their conference.

The role of Romance Writers of America is changing and in a good way. The movement of the conference embraced the future. For me the highlight was the award luncheon speaker, Kristan Higgins, who energized the rest of the conference with her inspiring talk. Let's hope this trend of embracing continues. I hope when I return to RWA's conference, I see the larger epub companies in spotlights. So let the call go forth, Romance is booming. Congratulations to RWA.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Marin Thomas writes a winner!

What are you looking for in a romance novel? Witty dialogue? Characters that you can't forget? A problem so similar to today's crazy world you are compelled to forget all else just to see how 'they' are going to figure this one out? If this is what you are looking for, then go no further than Marin Thomas' newest release The Cowboy Next Door.

A unique concept and twist in your usual boy meets girl plot makes this story stand out. Our hero, Johnny Cash - yes, you heard right - has quit the rodeo circuit to come home and take care of things. His family is a hodge-podge of characters, six brothers, all named after six different country western singers, and one sister, Dixie, many readers might have met in A Cowboy's Duty. Johnny finds himself falling in love with the girl next door, Shannon Douglas.Shannon's desire is to be come the top cowgirl of the year and her skill - Bull Riding.

Problems arise, when her 'supposed boyfriend and her father' object. For that matter, Johnny doesn't think so much of this 'paid for romance' deal either. When Shannon is hurt, who rides to her rescue? Not her boyfriend, but Johnny. Which leads to contention both on and off the rodeo circuit. No kiss is sweeter than given by a cowboy in love.

Will love triumph? I tell you what, crawl up on that top rail, western romance lovers and sit back and enjoy the show. Marin Thomas doesn't let you down. Her distinct voice and promised happy ever after will leave you wanting more. In my book, she's definitely Top Cowgirl of the year!

Tessa Berkley