Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's musings

Maybe my fascination with the men behind the badge came from commercial jingles we memorized back in the early 60's.
"You can trust your car -
To the man who wears the star -
That big, bright Texaco Star."
And of course after that, you'd see him tip his hat.

Okay, not only did I mention man, star, trust; it also gives all but one letter in the word T E X A S - what's not to die for.

When you think about it, some law enforcement agencies, just by name along conger up their own persona. Take for example, FBI, SEAL, DEA, US Border Patrol, VICE, and last but not least, TEXAS RANGERS. {Can you tell what I'm partial too?} When a writer uses these jobs, there is no shadow of a doubt that the reader will envision a true alpha male.

Oh, yeah, bring it on - you can trust your heart to the man behind the star.

Here's a sample of my hero Tyrone Calhoun Dixon, Texas Ranger in Tejas Conspiracy, Incident At Cold Creek on sale now in ebook version for $8.99 at Amazon, ARE, and Passions in Print.

His exhilarating use of her name sent shivers up her spine.
Their bodies rose at the exact same time. Their eyes locked. Lily
could see the smoldering flames of desire. Fear raced through
her. What had she done? She felt the color drain from her face as
she backed away in fright. Ty stood at his full height and stepped
forward. Her backside bumped the clapboard of the house. She
braced her hands upon the worn wood. With nowhere to go,
Lily could only try to lift the corners of her mouth and offer
him a nervous smile.
Ty moved closer. With great care, he raised his hands and
cupped her cheeks. His fingers caressed her neck while his
thumbs drew lazy circles across her skin. Her eyelids grew heavy.
She felt his hot breath stir a breeze across her heated cheeks.
The realization thundered against her brain, Ty intended to kiss
Unable to fight the tide of want, Lily groaned and turned
her face toward him. Damn it, she wanted him to kiss her --to
kiss her with a need that would awaken the dormant shell she
had become. She needed to prove to herself that she was valued.
Transfixed, she watched his lips come closer, hover above her
own in sweet torture.
“Lily, I won’t hurt you,” he breathed again and she felt a
soft brush of Ty’s mouth across the left corner of her lips. She
closed her eyes. Warm and firm, she gloried in the weight of
his mouth on hers. Light at first, then the longer their mouths
pressed together, the deeper the kiss became. He nibbled. She
trembled. Lily raised her hands wanting to touch, his bare sunbronzed

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Fiendish Villain.

OH what evil webs we weave. Shakespeare put it so well. The villain in Incident at Cold Creek Tejas Conspiracy is at it again. Let's look in and see what he's hatching.

From Incident at Cold Creek ~~~

Yellow Jack ran his hands along the edge of the desk then rubbed his index finger against his thumb feeling the dust. He let the pause linger a minute or two before he spoke. “Are you telling me how to run my business, Hank? Do you think that’s wise?”
Silence filled the room. With a deliberate slow lift of his head. the gambler settled his dark glare on Hank. Under the strain, the sheriff licked his lips to wipe away the perspiration that gathered.
“I don’t like this,” Baxter swore. “If anyone begins to question, McGowan will give up names so quickly it’ll make your head spin.”
“That’s why you are going to talk to him.”
“The hell I am,” the sheriff shot back.
Yellow Jack’s mouth took on a firm thin line. His eyes bore into Baxter’s. The sheriff shifted uncomfortably in the chair. “Oh yes, I believe you are.” Yellow Jack’s tone was definite.
“You’re going to talk to him, remind him how his wife and child might feel if something happened and he turned up missing. How would they pay for the mortgage on that house?” He watched the sheriff’s tongue run across his lips.
Baxter glanced back at the cells in the rear of the building. “Look. It was easy to fake Prentiss’ death,” he began.
Yellow Jack raised one eyebrow, but said nothing.
“It was easy to fake a bad card game, but you can’t go around killing everyone, especially women and children,” Baxter pleaded. “People will get suspicious, even in this town.”

Incident at Cold Creek Tejas Conspiracy is on sale now at Passion In Print, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Incident at Cold Creek is LIVE

Texas Ranger, Tyrone Dixon is sworn by honor and the star on his chest to get his man. But, when his lead turns up dead, he resorts to distorting the truth to a beautiful woman to catch who is behind a land grab scheme.

A twist of fate finds Lily Prentiss a widow. Now, her future hangs on her ability to turn her ranch around. Can she trust the mysterious cowboy who has promised to help?

With a cut of the cards, both can lose their lives or is this just another Incident in Cold Creek that won't be explained?

Read an excerpt here

Tyrone Calhoun Dixon watched the woman melt to the floor in a pool of skirts. She was the kind of woman he hadn’t expected to meet in Frank’s house, a dainty, feisty woman. A woman who’d lost her husband and would need his protection. A woman he didn’t need.

It wasn’t his intention for the stock to hit her. The gun slipped when she teetered and he took control. Breathing heavy, he waited for her eyes to open and prayed she was only stunned.

When they didn’t, he muttered a stream of curses that would make a barmaid blush. With a shake of his head, he placed the gun down next to the body on the table and gave it no more than a passing glance. That little matter he’d take up later.

He knelt down and touched the side of her wrist. Under his fingers, the softness of her skin seemed like a guilty pleasure. Ty felt relief wash over him as he detected the slow rhythmic thump beneath his touch. This would be yet another complication in an already endless maze of questions the Major would ask. It was not his style to leave something undone.

Slipping his arms underneath her, he pulled her motionless body to him, and with three quick footsteps, placed her on the only bed in the back room. Stepping back, he looked down upon her unconscious form and cursed his luck, along with the star that brought him there.

To purchase you copy for $8.99 follow the links below

Friday, June 15, 2012

Everyone loves a good villain

Where would we be if we didn't root for our heroes in white hats.. My villain in Tejas Conspiracy is called Yellow Jack Anderson. He's a half breed who would think nothing of killing a man in cold blood to take his wife especially if it means making money in the process.

excerpt from Tejas Conspiracy Incident at Cold Creek.

As the bartender reached the table, Yellow Jack raised two fingers. The bartender leaned forward and he mumbled some instructions, all the while, he watched Silas strain to hear the conversation. With his mug drained, Yellow Jack noted Silas wipe his lips with the back of his hand. Completing his conversation with the barkeep, he turned his attention back the two men before him.

“Make a wager, gentlemen?”

Silas squirmed. Both men dug deep into their pockets searching for a few coins. Dirk tossed two bits on the tabletop. The coins rolled toward the center and fell against the stacked cards. Silas offered four coins.

“Such generosity. Why I'm overwhelmed. Shall we say, she is the Widow Prentiss?”

No one contradicted him.

“Now, you first.” The gambler prompted Silas to reveal his card.

Silas picked up the card and revealed a ten of diamonds.

“How impressive,” Yellow Jack smirked. “Dirk?”

Dirk’s card fluttered as he exposed it to light.

“Ah, a five of hearts. Oh, my, it seems your luck with cards is running out.” Yellow Jack replied. His false expression of sadness was lost on no one.

Dirk’s face paled beneath a thin layer of sweat. He hissed low so no one would hear. “We didn’t touch her, boss.”

Yellow Jack leaned forward. In a flash, the derringer was in his hand, the barrel shoved into the opening of Dirk’s right nostril. “You keep saying that. Yet, my dear fellow, I know how much you love to plow.”

Dirk’s eyes widened. His hands pressed against the table, his fingers spread wide as he tried to back away.

“Now, I am going to give you an order and you are going to follow it. Understand me?”

Yellow Jack watched Dirk nod as best he could. His eyes narrowed to the point of his nose and focused on the firearm.

“Silas, I want you and your friend here, to go to Balscome. I want you to go to the Lacy Garter and find me Wyatt Hayes. I have a matter that needs to be erased. I think Mrs. Prentiss' new hand might not be staying. I’m in need of his services is all you have to say. Am I understood?”

“Y-yes sir,” Silas stammered.

“Good,” Yellow Jack snapped. “I want you to see Rusty. Have him put you on the payroll down there.” He gave a quick glance to the barkeeper. “Ethan will give you fifty. Have it hold you till pay day.”

“Yes sir,” Silas whispered.

Yellow Jack sat back and removed the gun from Dirk’s face. Producing a handkerchief, he wiped the barrel. “You can have that drink now, Dirk. I think you need it.”

He watched as Dirk sat up, running his hand beneath his nose, then quickly snatched up the shot glass, and downed the liquor.